Replacement for L300 Elite Battery 9000mAh
Replacement for L300 Elite Battery 9000mAh-2
Replacement for L300 Elite Battery 9000mAh-3

Li-ion Battery 9000mAh for L300 Elite

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    • This is a Battery Compatible for Alpina, Ambrogio, Lawnbott Lawn Mower Battery.
    • Capacity: 9000mAh
    • Chemistry: Li-ion
    • Volts: 25.2V
    • Color: Black
    • Dimension: 150.10 x 64.05 x 92.90mm
    • Weight: 3.1 lb
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Shipping Time: Usually Takes 2 to 7 Business Days
    • Compatible Products: 1126-9105-01, 124563, 125, 127, 140, 140 4WD, 145, 325, 327, 328S, 520, 522, 523, 525, 525S, 527, 527 S, 527S, 60 Basic 2.0, 720S, 920S, AR 1 500, AR2 1200, AR2 600, Blitz, Blitz 2.0, Blitz 2.0 Evolution L60, Blitz X, Blitz Xk, Blitz Xp, CS-C0106-1, J Xh, Joy, Joy Xp, L100, L100 Deluxe, L100 Evolution, L200, L200 Basic, L200 Carbone, L200 Deluxe 1B, L200 Deluxe, L200 Deluxe 2B, L200 Evolution, L200R, L300, L300 Basic 1B, L300 Basic, L300 Basic 4B, L300 Carbone, L300 Elite 1B, L300 Elite, L300 Elite 4B, L400, L400 Carbone, L50, L50 B, L50 Basic, L50 Deluxe, L50 Evolution, L50 Us, L60 Basic 2.0, L60 Blacktech 2.0, L75 Deluxe, L75 Elite, L75 Evolution, Lb1200, Lb1200 Spyder Ka, Lb1500, Lb1500 SpyderEVO, Lb2150, Lb3210, Lb3210 Evolution Ka, Lb3250, Lb3510, Lb3510 Ka, Lb75, Lizard M4, Lizard M440, Lizard M480, Lizard M485, One XH, Q6, R Xe, Robby de Luxe, Runner, Runner A1, Runner L-XE, Runner L-XH, Runner L-XK, Runner X, Runner X-C2, Runner Xe, Runner Xk, S1, S14, S14N, S2
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